Announcing Canada PinCon 2018

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Announcing Canada PinCon 2018

Postby chris silver » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:29 pm

Canada PinCon 2018 - Progression

OK everybody here it is. Get your game on. This is the official launch of Canada PinCon 2018!
You know the drill. There will be pinball and arcade machines along with tournaments of both sorts. The CNPO (Canadian National Pinball Open) will be an IFPA sanctioned event. The tournament Headmaster will be announced shortly. All of this and of course lots of beer. Beau’s All Natural will be the supplier again and this time there will be hard liquor on site. The gang from Poutine Fest will be back supplying their fabulous selectios and the arena’s canteen will be open as well. Canada PinCon is proud to announce partial sponsorship from our friends at Player One Amusement Group.

There are many probabilities up in the air at the moment including a Women’s Tournament and Novice B Division. I’m working on a shuttle bus to and from Beau’s again along with a stronger presents from the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track derby Association).

Obviously we will be needing pins. This is where you guys come in. Without the support of our Canadian pinball collectors there is no convention. Bring a game and get in free. Bring more games and I might be able to get Heisenberg to give you a kiss. I’ll start the Holy List of Games in the near future. Last year you guys made an amazing event and I thank you deeply. Let’s do it again.

Canada PinCon will be held 10 minutes up the road from the complex at the Vankleek Hill Arena. The Robert Hartley Complex will still have ice on the surface and I didn’t want to mess with the dates. No excuses from now on guys. The Hawkesbury Flea Fair has operated on the first weekend in June since 2014 and I won’t deviate. Tell your mom, the boss, your wife and the Pope you’ll be busy the first weekend in June every year until you’re dead.

As always if anyone would like to participate in any manner you are more than welcome. The only rule is as soon as it becomes a chore or too stressful - step back. Canada PinCon is designed for all to have fun doing whatever you enjoy arcade and convention related. This is for us.

-Tables are free for all companies who make a living in the business. Bring your banners.
-Flea market tables have been and will remain free to sell your goods.
-Canada PinCon needs someone to sell our T-Shirts and other goods. Graphics ready. Organize it and keep the profits yourself.
-AV assistance is required
-Setup and teardown volunteers required
-Tournament volunteers are needed as always.
-Game owner cards required
-Overnight security is covered (Thanks Woody) :D

Tables are free again because with the low costs I can (hopefully) rely on the general admission to cover the bills. Bring people and invite your friends. Things are changing on a daily basis and I will keep you updated when they solidify. Spread the word, get stoked and we’ll see you soon!

Vankleek Hill Arena
June 2 – 3, 2018
Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM, Sunday: 10 AM to 5 PM
36 Mill St. E
Vanleek Hill, Ont
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