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Microvision Replacement Screens - Pre-order and purchase thread

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:54 pm
by 5-11under
I'm starting a project to get new LCD screens available for the Microvision, the 1979 handheld from Milton Bradley.

I have a long post here with all the details: ... hase-here/

The bottom line... if you want one or more, please reply in this thread, or send me a PM. At the moment I'm looking for "serious interest" (no money until the project is further along). Prices are in US dollars, and don't include shipping:

Quantity 1: $22.00 maximum
Quantity 2+: $20.50 each, maximum
Quantity 4+: $19.00 each, maximum
Quantity 8+: $17.50 each, maximum

The prices are maximums, because if I can sell enough of these, the engineering costs are spread out more thinly - the goal is to not make money on this first batch, but to get the project rolling.