WTB Netdimm, pi/piforce, zero key pic

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WTB Netdimm, pi/piforce, zero key pic

Postby Bigsingerdawg » Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:32 pm

Have a Naomi 1 mobo with multibios and a Capcom io for a blast city cab.

Looking for any of the below to complete the set up for Naomi and AW.

Netdimm 4.02
Raspberry Pi with pitools to run the thing (with the ada fruit or to be run by a phone/computer)
Zero key pic

There's a guy on eBay with the zero key pics for like $22 so that's easy to get, there's a few netdimm on eBay, but only one guy selling the pi set up.

Looking to buy but have NEO or other retro to trade for either the above stuff or looking for someone who's around Toronto who could help me set it up and configure if I get the different things needed.

Anyone with knowledge or the parts for sale that's willing to help for $, trade, or beers?

Guy on eBay has the set up for $450 usd plus $50 shipping so definitely not cheap and only an 8gb SD card. Says it has most good games but to get the set up would probably want 16GB or pretty much anything Naomi 1/2 plus atomiswave.

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