Turbografx 16 games for sale

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Turbografx 16 games for sale

Postby Declaritive » Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:50 pm

Selling some doubles and games I don't want. All games come with the hucard, correct case and spine card, and english instruction manuals unless noted. Nothing terribly rare or expensive but definitely some good stuff in here. Can send pictures of items if you request them.

Splatterhouse $100
Neutopia $100
Aero Blasters $70
Pac Land $30
Blazing Lazers $75
Keith Courage $15 x2 copies
Bonk's Adventure $50
Bonk's Revenge $60
Legendary Axe $50
Cybercore $70 (comes with original outer cardboard box, box is about 5/10)
JJ & Jeff $50 (comes with original outer cardboard box, box is about 5/10)
Klax $30
Space Harrier $40
Fantasy Zone $40

Ninja Spirit $50 (hucard only)
Vigilante $20 (hucard only)
World Court Tennis $10 (hucard only)
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