Transformers G1 @ walmart

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Transformers G1 @ walmart

Postby mike boss » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:13 am

Just wondering if anyone has got into these ?
I saw them and passed on them. However after watching numerous YouTube videos with people talking about how great they are, I regret that.

I think of all the ways I waste money (more sneakers, more cologne, more ball caps I'll never wear) and wonder why I didn't buy em ? (The Transformers I mean)

I saw Hot Rod was still available, sadly Starscream is sold out. But I'll keep looking.

Does anyone know if they will continue this line ? I was looking (not hard mind you) to see if a serries two was slated and if so who would be included.

I'd love Soundwave, that would be my top pick
Then of course Optimus and Megatron.
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Re: Transformers G1 @ walmart

Postby theyangman » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:53 pm

They had like 10 starscreams at my local walmart but no hot rod.

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