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My air hockey table is acting weird

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:50 am
by Adam_17
I have bought for the family an air hockey multi-game table which has air hockey as the main game, and a pool table with a ping pong board on it and I must say I am pretty satisfied. I thought that the air hockey part will be the worst since it is the most complicated in the construction, but actually, the pool table is giving me trouble. I mean it is not wrong, but once I hit the pocket the ball rolls for too long and sometimes it feels like it gets stuck inside. So, is this normal for a multi-game table? I know that I can't compare the quality of a 2-in-1 game table to a single game table, but I don't know if I should react or not. I mean, the ball always appears it just takes time. It needs almost a minute for the ball to come outside.