Top Tier on Tour - Wizard's Den Pinball Arcade Review [HD]

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Top Tier on Tour - Wizard's Den Pinball Arcade Review [HD]

Postby TopTierArcade » Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:49 pm

Hey everyone,

On this tour, Francesco and I check out Eddy's pinball arcade called "The Wizard's Den" and meet up with Mike and the other pinball guys. Eddy's arcade also seconds as the D.R.A.P.L (Durham Regional Amateur Pinball League). Also, the new goal Pinball for change tournament is to raise now a total of $10, 000 for "Free the Children" to help provide a Primary Education for children in rural Ecuador and to build a classroom. Let's see how well I do and see if we can all join together to raise the $10,000 goal...

All this and much more in this video...

Pinball Machines:

-Playboy (Stern)
-Surf and Safari
-Austin Powers
-Jungle Lord
-Six Million Dollar Man
-The Shadow
-Time Machine
-High Speed
-White Water
-Top Score
-4 Million B.C
-Roller coaster Tycoon
-Diamond Lady
-World Cup Soccer
-Time Fantasy
-F-14 Tomcat
-Grand Lizard
-Guns N' Roses
-Jurassic Park
-Adam's Family
-Star Wars Episode 1
-Star Wars (Data East)
-Space Odyssey
-Demolition Man
-Fun house
-Jungle Queen
-Silverball Mania
-Force 2
-Terminator 2
-Pistol Poker
-Dr. Who
-Star Trek (Data East)
-Batman Dark Knight
-Star Trek (stern)
-Goldeneye 007

Arcade Machines:

-60-1 in a Sega/Gremlin Pengo Cabinet
-Pandora's Box 1 in a Midway Cabinet
-Skins Game in a midway cabinet

Other Cool Stuff:

-Full bar with beer on tap
-Popcorn Machine
-Hotdog machine
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Re: Top Tier on Tour - Wizard's Den Pinball Arcade Review [HD]

Postby mortron » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:45 am

I dig the charitable nature. Good to see people having fun and helping out at the same time. Having just seen a tour of the Stern factory, I can really appreciate what goes into amassing and maintaining so many different machines. Nice mix of old and new. Hats off to modern designers who manage to make their machines fit right in with the crowd, while still being modern and new. I'd love to get out and jam on some pinball, it's not often you see them in the wild anymore... At least in my parts :lol:

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Re: Top Tier on Tour - Wizard's Den Pinball Arcade Review [HD]

Postby TrueJedi » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:23 pm

Funny enough I just got into pinball 1 month after this post. I found it recently searching on things within the Durham Region.

Does anyone know if DRAPL does anything other than scheduled tournaments? I find it hard to commit to consistent scheduled dates/times, but I'd love to attend an open house or pizza/cafe night they are talking about. The opportunity to play all those machines locally would be fantastic!
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