FEELERS: Star Wars (sold PPU), Missile Command cabaret (sold PPU)

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FEELERS: Star Wars (sold PPU), Missile Command cabaret (sold PPU)

Postby RayB » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:00 pm

*UPDATE: Missile Command is spoken for

Since many of you may be attending the Church of Silver Ball junk sale--I mean swap meet--and I live just 25 minutes from there, I thought I'd put out feelers for these things that are just taking up space:

1. Atari STAR WARS upright in great condition on exterior(most Star Wars are in great condition right?). Dusty interior. All parts there. WG vector monitor.

Does it work? No. Not really. Last time I powered it on, I could hear Ben Kenobi say "The Force will be with you". There was nothing on the screen, not even a dot. The spot killer light was flashing. The board was once tested in another cabinet with same results. I assumed it was board related. I bought Billtronix's AVG replacement chip in hopes it was just a dead AVG chip and then never installed it. I also bought a repro controller overlay with the intent to refurbish and repaint the yoke. (It has a Firefox overlay). I can't remember who i bought the overlay from but it was from the first run using the original Atari screens, I remember that much.

I did find time to replace the Big Blue and power cord a few years ago.

I LOVE this game, but it's just sitting there taking up dining room space, at the bottom of a long list of other priorities that include: a kid, a relationship, a house that's falling apart, a business that's sputtering. In other words, I gotta be realistic and let this go. But not for chump change. ;)

2. MISSILE COMMAND cabaret: Works. Circuit board should be one I got off Billtronix, so in other words it's been professionally refurbed and bulletproofed. I have a new trackball but it's not installed. (just the ball, not the rollers). This game I don't love so much. I thought it was fun to have another cabaret of the era, but as my collection dwindles down, it's just using up space.

I'll post photos ASAP. Just had to get this out there while I had a few minutes to do so.
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Re: FEELERS: Star Wars, Missile Command cabaret

Postby OTTOgd » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:48 pm



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