LF: Midway older style cash box

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LF: Midway older style cash box

Postby aerostarz » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:31 am

Hi Guys.

I am looking for 2 Midway plastic coin buckets/cash box for my Tron and Galaga.
Will purchase or trade.


Pins: Popeye, JD, DM, STTNG, TZ, WOZ, RS.. just need IJ
Vids: Asteroids Deluxe,Tron,Battle Zone,Neo Geo 4,Centipede,Fix it Felix, SF 2,Space Duel,Major Havoc,World Class Bowling Deluxe,Radikal Biker,Golden Tee,Sega Super GT,Rampage,Cosmic Avengers

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