Pandora's Box 4S+ issue?

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Pandora's Box 4S+ issue?

Postby Nolan » Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:39 pm

Finally got around to finishing building my two player arcade panel that plugs into the TV via HDMI.

Using a Pandora's Box 4S+ with 815 games. Pretty happy overall, the kids love it.

I'm having a small issue - I want to 'hide' games to prune the menu down to the more manageable 125ish games that we want to play. For some strange reason though, I can only hide games between #1 and #720. Whenever I try to hide any games #721 or higher, after save/reboot they are visible again. The 8 extra pages of unwanted games to scroll thru is irritating.

Does anyone have a 4S+ that can suggest if this a general 4S+ bug or a bug with my particular 4S+? I've tried a factory reset but the issue remains.

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