LCD Inventory reduction sale

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LCD Inventory reduction sale

Postby Rickn » Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:36 pm

Hi Guys I am overstocked on a few items, so here are the offerings\;
- I have 2 pcs of 19"LCD (Pacman, RFM, Almost anything) no Scaler needed accepts it all. Normal retail$365Limited time $330

- I have 1 26" LCD we have used this in Golden Tees, Cruisins, PGA and many others. Regular $565 Limited Time $500

_I have 2 pcs 32" LCD will also accept all frequencies has a DVI connections as well. Normally sell this to Bowling laes for just short of $900. Limited time on this is $700

All are open frame professional grade new monitors.

Price is cash and the offer is good for about a week.

After that they will go to a distributor that will likely add 30% so act fast.

Contact me by e-mail
Rick Nieman
Nieman Video Displays
Kitchener, Ontario

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