Help Wanted: Wiring Chamma Cab

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Help Wanted: Wiring Chamma Cab

Postby chromizone » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:33 pm

Hi guys - it's been ages since I've checked in, and it seems like things are cooling off on the forum a bit, but I'm hopeful a few people who are local may still see this. I need assistance with a project, and I simply think I'm in a bit over my head. It's not hard per-say, I'm just not particularly knowledgeable and could really use a hand.

The details are:
I have a JAMMA wired Cab running an MVS mobo, but want to replace that with a Pandora's Box that I've purchased some time ago. The Pandora's Box came with a CHAMMA harness, so I'll need to gut the existing board and wiring and wire the cabinet from scratch using the new harness. I also want to replace the existing joysticks and buttons on the control panel, and will be buying a new set of those for this project soon.

If it matters, it's an Aladdin's Castle cab, the type with the slide out front drawer to allow quick access to the Mobo.

While I've repaired many cabs in the past, I've never wired one from scratch and I'm finding it a bit daunting. I've put it off for ages but it's time to get it done.

So my ask is: Is anyone a Toronto local who would be willing to come and help me wire the cab? I can order pizza, beer, and throw in some cash for the assistance, but the Cabinet can't travel so it would have to be in my Condo in Toronto.

Thanks guys,

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Re: Help Wanted: Wiring Chamma Cab

Postby amplibax » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:54 pm

If the cabinet had a single slot MVS board, it's likely that you can just easily modify the existing jamma harness instead of installing the chamma harness (which is probably lower quality that what is in there with thinner wire)

The main difference between chamma and jamma is that with jamma the last 2 pins on each side on the harness are grounds - pins 27 and 28 but with chamma, pin 27 is used for button 6 and pin 28 is ground

So basically to get your Pandora's box working with the 4 buttons for each of your players on MVS, all you need to do is splice pin 27s in with the pin 28s.

But like I said this is assuming your cab is a single slot. If you have a multi slot you would need to change the audio wiring.ImageImage

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