RGB to VGA adapters with light gun games - Help/Advice

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RGB to VGA adapters with light gun games - Help/Advice

Postby mike boss » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:28 pm

Question for any monitor guru's on here.

I have a buddy of mine with 3 cabinets....2 Big Buck Hunter, 1 Golden Tee.
All of which have CRT monitors that are pooched!
These were purchased back in the good ol' Starburst auction days.

Sadly here in Toronto (or East of Toronto in the Durham region) replacing these
25" CRT arcade monitors is (A) costly, and (B) not easy to come across.

I suggested for the Golden Tee that he simply pick up an inexpensive RGB to VGA
adapter, such as the ones found on Ebay. He (like myself) is by no means a purist,
and I think this is the easiest, most cost effective repair.

When it comes to the Big Bucks I reached out a buddy locally who USED to do these
repairs, but he is out of the repair business.

I was wondering, if he purchased 2 more of those RGB to VGA adapters (found readily on eBay),
and used old CRT PC monitors would they still work alongside the light guns ?

Any info/advice...................I'm just asking for a buddy who is by no means a purist, and just looking for a quick, cost effective way of getting these back up and going.
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