NEW thoughts on a workshop for electronics..

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NEW thoughts on a workshop for electronics..

Postby Rickn » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:04 pm

I have had some interest in me doing a workshop for electronics repair. Nothing tangible. Here are my thoughts so far,, this would include some basics:
-Identification of components, capacitors, resistors, Diodes, transistors and so on.
-There value, testing polarity etc.
- how to identify circuits in almost any application I have come across, power supplies. relays and others.
- Soldering skills including component removal and replacement using soldering irons desoldering guns, solder wick and simple desoldering suction pencils. This is very important to insure hopefully no damage to the circuit board.
-Repair techniques of damaged circuit boards.
- Safety around electronic or electrical devices,
- Ohms law as it applies to circuits this would include a basic explanation of how electricity works such as voltages, current, resistance and power. I will explain this based on an analogy that will make sense. I call it Water vs Electricity.

I will be happy to expand or elaborate on other topics, some I may not know, but we can explore that based on the needs.
Want to bring a problem board, let me know some details ahead.

No large games or others accepted unless they are removed same day!

Can include some of the other topics I have covered in monitor training workshops.

Of course there is a cost, based on 4 to 6 hours $150each if with a minimum of 6 people.
Please let me know your interests and I will do my best to tailor the content!

Please feel free to expand the interest if you are members of other forums or media.

This would be held at my workshop in Kitchener Ontario, timing would be determined based on both my schedule and those that are interested.

I am always happy to help and if you have interest let me know. by e-mail
Rick Nieman
Nieman Video Displays
Kitchener, Ontario

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