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AT Games Arcade Legends Ultimate

Postby LoganN64 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:24 am

So I have been following the news regarding this At Games Legends cabinet for a while, but being an At Games product, didn't really warrant much attention from me, until the two YouTube personalities I follow actually got their hands on their own cabinet, and I must say it looks spiffy even if a bit dodgy.

The fact that it comes with 2 spinners, a track ball and 2 sets of Street Fighter style button layout (Joystick & 6 Buttons) is already worth the $500USD (Probably about $700CAD) in my opinion because it has decent looking "bones" that you can use to upgrade and mod it to your heart's content.

I may consider it just as a good supplement or flat-out replacement to the Arcade 1up cabinets... UNLESS the whole kit is complete garbage.

Here's a video that Doug from Cool Toy did a while back:

And here's a video of Retro Ralph after he modded his unit:

What do you guys think? Worth the price just to have a low-cost cabinet to mod, or actually worth to keep stock?

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