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Re: RE: Re: Posible Candy Cabs Buy

Postby amplibax » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:56 pm

Lordsxo wrote:
amplibax wrote:I just ordered a cab from yaton in china. From the pics it looks pretty decent. I'll report back when it gets here. They made thousands and thousands of these. I think there's still decent stuff out there in Asia.

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I knew that Yaton had a whole warehouse, but every time I looked, it was always parts. When I saw your message I took a look and found a New Net City that looked to be in better shape by a great amount compared to everything I have seen. There was a $100 off promo from EBay, so I ordered it. Hopefully this one will work out so much better than the last one.

Sorry guys but I don't see my self organizing any buys in the near future.
Good luck please let me know how it goes. My order was placed on May 26th and I still don't have any shipping paperwork.

What port is your machine being shipped to? Are you hiring a customs broker?

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