Sad day for my PS3's

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Sad day for my PS3's

Postby LoganN64 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:28 am

So on Saturday, June 20th I decided I wanted to play some Helldivers on my PS3 only to learn my account or PS3 has been banned or suspended.

Today June 22nd I finished talking to Sony support and they told me I did something so terrible that it warranted banning TWO of my PS3's...

What really angers me is that they could not tell me exactly what my crime was and only pointed me to the Code Of Conduct page and we then parted ways.

I want to keep trying to get my PS3's reactivated.

I will say right now they can still get Netflix and stuff but I can't re-download any of the games I bought if my HDD craps out, and i have some semi-rare games on there that I would surely miss if I lost them.

I dont suppose anyone here knows what i can do to get these consoles un-banned by chance?

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Re: Sad day for my PS3's

Postby Playgame » Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:45 am

That's so strange situation. I've never faced with sth like that. But I remember those times when my PS s been repairing. It was difficult for me. I became a champion of table tennis on my backyard lol
But now I think there were good times, which I spent pretty interesting and productively.

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