SEGA Master system + 3 games

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SEGA Master system + 3 games

Postby RetroZilla » Sat Jun 12, 2021 5:14 pm

SEGA Master System (Model 1)
This was the forerunner to the SEGA Genesis.

Released September 1986

- Fully working

- Version 1.3

- Has a 'hidden' built-in game called "Snail Maze".

To play it, you start the console without a cartridge inserted.

Here are screenshots of that game + screen you see when starting console without a cartridge:

I only have the base console (power base) + 3 cartridges.

The unit works fine with SEGA Genesis controllers and connectors.

Any RF connector will work.

There are 3 cartridges, all tested and working:

- Space Harrier (cartridge, case, manual)

- Great Basketball (cartridge, case, manual)

- Lord of the Sword (cartridge only)

Asking $160 for the console + the 3 games - or best offer.

Location: Northern GTA.

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