Arcade JAMMA boards/ST-V/NEO*GEO online auction tonight (Dec. 17)

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Arcade JAMMA boards/ST-V/NEO*GEO online auction tonight (Dec. 17)

Postby Fanboy » Fri Dec 17, 2021 6:10 pm

Sorry for the late news on this one, just found it myself.
ANJ Auctions in Toronto is having an online auction tonight (Dec. 17) with some stuff that might interest people on here

I don't know enough about arcade boards and carts to recognize legit from pirate stuff, so buyer beware.

Some of the items in the auction include:
- Radiant Silvergun ST-V cart
- Various CAVE shooter carts in clamshell cases
- Pro Gamer Supergun v1.3
- NEO*GEO MVS carts in clamshells (Kizuna Encounter/Breakers Revenge/Samurai Showdown II and IV)

Here is the auction link:
Click on 'View Catalog' to see what's coming up for auction - there are multiple groupings, so if you don't see an item it might be on another page.
Grouped by 100s, the arcade stuff is on pages 1, 4 and 6.

Hope someone here can make use of this. Also hope I didn't blow up anyone's secret hunting ground. :oops:

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