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Arcade Pcbs for sale

Postby aerostarz » Mon Jan 03, 2022 10:17 pm

I may have marquees for some of these games also...
I will send pics and a video of them working once PM'ed.

Time Soldiers
Western Express: $65
US Classic Golf by Seta: $25
Cool Pool: $25
Solar Warriors: $100
Street Fight.. shooter game by “by Seibu Kaihatsu” : $125
Jungle King $100

Mk1 bootleg: $125
Silkworm: $70
Ninja Gaiden: $ 125
Ninja Gaiden Marquee: $50
Twin Eagle: $75
Arkanoid: $125 with home made jamma harness
Twin Cobra: $100
Vigilante: $ 65
Commando: $125
Black Tiger: $100

1942: $200 nice pcb
1942: $ 175
1943: $225
Mortal Kombat 1 $200
Time Pilot: $200
Time Pilot Mint marquee: $60
Terra Cresta: $225
Terra Cresta Marquee: $50 have wiring harness also
SOLD: SuperMan: $100
FireTarp: $400 This is the Data East version of 'Crazy Climber'.
Pins: Popeye, JD, DM, STTNG, TZ, WOZ, RS.. just need IJ
Vids: Asteroids Deluxe,Tron,Battle Zone,Neo Geo 4,Centipede,Fix it Felix, SF 2,Space Duel,Major Havoc,World Class Bowling Deluxe,Radikal Biker,Golden Tee,Sega Super GT,Rampage,Cosmic Avengers

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