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Aryn Ryn
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For Trade/Give: Videogame and PC Magazines

Postby Aryn Ryn » Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:05 pm

Remaining Magazines claimed [16AUG20]
DC Magazine bunch claimed [07AUG20]

I'm Aryn Ryn, long time member, sometimes trader, rare poster.

Since the late 1980's up until the mid 2000's I was an avid collector of Videogame and PC Magazines. At present, I don't collect videogames any longer and I would feel it would be a disservice to the the Greater Gaming Culture to wantonly dispose of the periodicals that I have archived over the years and I do desire to share these hardcopy relics with other gamers (past, present, and future) who would enjoy them too. Included is approximately 400 lbs total of EGM, Sega GamePlayers complete, GamePro, PC Gamer, Incite, RetroGamer and a few other assorted volumes of other types and even a swath of inserts/advertisement mini-catalogs that used to be included with a variety of periodicals.

Two containers - the volume of both containers is 68L/18gal. (the board won't allow me to post images as attachments, "board quota reached")

I am interested in making some type of trade (or even giving away) for the entirety of this periodical collection for preservation.

In terms of providing a complete archive listing of the contents, is an idea I would be resistant to because of the sheer time commitment involved to document the entirety of the collection. To put it it concisely, there is A LOT of content here.

Entertaining non-vg related trades.
Two pictures are available (one for each bin)
Pick up only from Downtown Toronto, ON.
Questions and PMs are welcome.
Please post here before sending a PM.

40 Years of Magazines from My Life
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Re: For Trade/Give: Videogame and PC Magazines

Postby OTTOgd » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:38 pm


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